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Your email address for the business.

Posted 11 Jul 2016

We are seeing customers signing up to our newsletters with a website such as and then an email address such as  Why would anyone have a website domain and not have as the printed email address?  We think the answer is that you might not know how to do this.

We want to help you with this, as your business image is important.

If you have a website and have business cards in this personal email address format – you need to try and address this. You can have an email address that reflects your domain name. It is a simple action in the admin area of where the website is hosted and it will make your business look much stronger. You don’t even ‘need’ to send as, but at least have a better looking email address on your printed media, van, shop front and sign writing. We strongly advise this, as it sends a message to your customers that you are a stronger business.

Making your emails better for your business.Emails can be simple forwarding rules like I do with ours. A simple forwarding rule is free and can be done in the admin area. You can of course have a mailbox set up (sometimes extra monthly charges apply). We use Gmail here at Weddings and Flowercraft, even though it comes to you as, we are actually using a Gmail email address. This enables us to have all our emails hosted in the cloud and we can log-in from home or out on the road.

To fix this, call your website developer, or if you purchased the website yourself, log-in and see how to set up email forwarding rules. You can select forward all. No matter what gets emailed (dave@ sales@ admin@ info@) they all come to the personal email address you specify. Maybe think about setting up a specific Gmail email address for the business, keeping it clear from your personal account encase you are off work and staff need to run the business for you.

To do this yourself, log-in to where the website name was purchased. Normally GoDaddy, 1&1, Heart Internet or something similar and look for 'email forwarding rules.'

If you need some help, please do get in-touch as we want to help our customers grow.

Have you registered your business with Google Places for Business yet? (free)

by Andy Proctor